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The Sidekick™ Putter:
The Concept
The concept of The Sidekick™ Putter is to have a putter that is effective on short putts by using the sidesaddle stroke, which is visually easier to align and mechanically more accurate and also preserve the alternative of the conventional stroke.

Rather than making a conventional putter that can also be used with a sidesaddle stroke, I made a sidesaddle putter that can be used with a conventional stroke.

The difference in the two putters is in the direction of the hosel. In the sidesaddle model, the hosel comes off the back of the putter at 180 degrees to the ball. This places the golfer behind the ball, looking straight down the line of putt, making alignment much easier and much more accurate. Since 25% of the game is played within 5 feet of the hole, proper alignment is critical.

I believe that once you become familiar with The Sidekick™ Putter and its method of putting, you will putt facing the hole exclusively.
Robert A. Riseley, Inventor
The Sidekick™ Putter
Show Premiers July 10, 2007
Golf Channel taps The Sidekick™ for novel invention reality series

MAY 20, 2007 - The inventor of The Sidekick™ Putter is among 120 finalists chosen by the Golf Channel for a new reality series. Robert A. Riseley of Red Hook, NY and his patented sidesaddle-style putter made the cut and will appear in the series slated to premier July 10.

The eight-episode series will showcase inventions from mainstream Americana that capture the spirit of idea architects and their labors of love for what they believe to be the next big thing in golf.

Hosted by Vince Cellini, Fore Inventors Only scoured the country inverviewing and auditioning more than 1,000 prospective inventors to find the 120 who will compete in the series.

The first stage of the competition will feature the hopefuls including Riseley auditioning their concepts to a notable panel of experts charged with determining who will continue in the competition. The chosen inventors will participate in field testing, where individuals from the world of sports and entertainment will test their products and provide feedback to the panelists.

Further narrowing will then test the candidates business plans to determine which products are the most feasible to produce and sell. Ultimately, viewers will cast their votes in an interactive live finale for the show's grand prize: product shelf space at a major golf retailer and the opportunity for the winning inventor to market his or her product worldwide via the Golf Channel.

What are the benefits of The Sidekick™ Putter?
Why do you putt upsidedown?
Can I use The Sidekick™ to putt conventionally?
Is The Sidekick™ legal?
How should I stand and how should I grip the club?
What's so great about putting sidesaddle?

How can The Sidekick™ improve my score?
Who developed The Sidekick™ Putter and why?
• How do I order The Sidekick™ Putter?
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Inventor of The Sidekick™ Putter

Benefits of The Sidekick™ Putter

• Eyes are on the same visual plane for an undistorted view of the line
• Easier to judge distance and see undulations in the green
• Line-up behind the ball, looking straight down the line of putt

• Putting stroke is straight-back and straight-through
• Putter head remains “on-line” throughout the stroke
• Slightly off-set hosel allows for a smooth take-a-way
The Stance
1. As with the grip, assume a comfortable stance, and face the hole.
2. Your feet may be either together, spread slightly apart, the right foot forward, or the left foot forward.
Experiment. That is half the fun of owning The Sidekick™ Putter.

Why do you putt upsidedown?

Why do you line-up the putt from behind the ball, then walk around to the side, face 90 degrees, bend over upside-down and then try to re-establish the correct line? It makes more sense to line-up the putt from behind the ball and keep that same perspective by facing the hole when you putt. The more you open your stance and face the hole, the more clearly you can see the correct line of the putt.

Can I use The Sidekick™ to putt conventionally?

The Sidekick™ Putter can be used both as a conventional putter and while facing the hole. Used while facing the hole, it offers the following benefits:

• An undistorted view of the line
• Line up behind the ball, looking straight down the line of putt.
• The putter head remains "on-line" throughout the entire stroke
• Allows for a smooth takeaway.

The pendulum stroke is the purest, most repetitive stroke and the one in which gravity has the greatest beneficial effect. The Sidekick™ offers the most vertical shaft angle allowed under the Rules of Golf.

Is The Sidekick™ legal?

Yes, the United States Golf Association (USGA) has determined that The Sidekick™ conforms with USGA rules provided that you do not violate Rule 16-1(e) which states that “the player shall not make a stroke on the putting green, from a stance astride or with either foot touching the line of putt, or an extension of that line behind the ball.” Therefore, you may assume any type of putting stance as long as you do not touch, or straddle, the line of putt.

How should I stand and how should I grip the club?

There is no right or wrong way to grip or stand with The Sidekick™. You should do whatever feels comfortable. However, some suggestions for the grip presented in the right hand column and the stance shown to the left may be helpful.

What's so great about putting sidesaddle?

In his later years, Sam Snead used the sidesaddle method of putting. Unfortunately for Sam, he had the method but not the putter.

Putting sidesaddle offers two significant benefits, one visual and one mechanical. Visually, it places the golfer's eyes on a level plane which improves one's ability to judge distance more accurately and eliminates the need to rely on one's peripheral vision. Proper alignment is also more easily accomplished from this position. Mechanically, the putting stroke becomes a simple straight-back-straight-through motion with the club face remaining square to the line of putt throughout.

While the putting method is not patentable, the inventor of the sidesaddle putter, The Sidekick™, has been granted two U.S. patents. Robert A. Riseley also holds the U.S. Trademark and a Letter of Conformity for The Sidekick™ from the Unites States Golf Association (USGA).

How can The Sidekick™ improve my score?

The Sidekick's™ slightly offset hosel positions the player behind the ball looking straight down the line of putt. Since 25 percent of golf is played within five feet of the hole, The Sidekick™ makes those scoring putts, the ones when proper alignment is absolutely critical.

The Grip
1. Place your left hand on the club above your right hand with your left thumb over the top of the club or around it. (I prefer to choke down an inch or so for more control)
2. Your right hand can mirror the left land in a fist position with your hands separated to the degree that you have comfortable control of the club.
3. The fingers of the right hand can be pointed downward in an underhanded rolling motion, use any other grip that feels comfortable to you. (I prefer the 39 inch length putter with thumbs of both hands on top and my hands spread apart sufficiently to control the club head)

Why I Developed The Sidekick Putter

It has been said that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” This certainly applies to the development of The Sidekick™ Putter. In the 15 years between 1973 and 1988 I had the good fortune to win 11 Club Championships at the Knickerbocker Country Club in Tenafly, New Jersey. I did so by building my golf game on a firm foundation of chipping and putting.

Then, in 1988, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and my life was about to change forever. As my golf game deteriorated and my 2 handicap became a 10, I realized that where my putting was concerned, the more I opened my stance and placed my eyes on the same visual plane, the more easily I could see the line of putt. Coupled with the simplicity of the stroke which is straight-back and straight-through, I realized that I would need a putter that did not exist……yet!

Robert A. Riseley
Winner of eleven Knickerbocker Golf Championships and inventor of The Sidekick™ Putter

"a terrific way to putt."

Johnny Miller
Golf Digest, June 2005

Putting sidesaddle was most notably used by Sam Snead in his later years. Unfortunately for Sam, he had the method but not The Sidekick™ Putter.

Significant Benefits

Using the sidesaddle putting method gives the golfers two significant benefits, one visual and one mechanical. Visually, it improves your ability to judge distances. Mechanically, the putting stroke becomes a simple straight-back-straight-through motion.

In the June 2005 issue of Golf Digest, Johnny Miller calls putting sidesaddle "as close to a perfect pendulum stroke as you can get," a motion that helps your game because it's easy to repeat.

Day Finally Arrives

"One day soon, someone is going to adopt Sam's style, and when that happens, a long line of imitators will surely follow," said Miller.

With The Sidekick™, that day has finally arrived.

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